Gunns Limited was founded in 1875 and employs more than 1600 people across its diversified business units of forestry, construction, cool climate wine production, Managed Investment Schemes and hardware retail.

Based in Launceston, Gunns is recognised as a world leader in forest management and forestry certification. The Company is committed to adding value to the forest resource through its operations in pulp wood, veneer production, sawmilling and plantation establishment.

Gunns has submitted an Integrated Impact Statement to the Resource Planning and Development Commission to develop a bleached Kraft pulp mill and associated infrastructure. The IIS represents an $11 million investment over 350,000 hours to prepare in excess of 40 reports in conjunction with 43 consultants.

The mill will be elemental chlorine free and will incorporate best available technology and set new global standards for mill design.

The mill is to be established in the Bell Bay Major Industrial Zone, south of George Town, in northern Tasmania.

The proposed pulp mill will, in the initial stages, produce about 820,000 air dried tonnes (ADt) of pulp and will have the capacity to produce up to 1.1m ADt of pulp for domestic and international markets.

The pulp mill will be the largest-ever investment by the private sector in Tasmania, and the largest-ever investment within the forestry sector in Australia.

Economic modelling shows that the proposed pulp mill will have a very substantial positive impact on T asmania and Australia in the form of greater economic activity and employment.

The Integrated Impact Statement details the social, economic and environmental impacts of the mill and a full copy can be found on this website under Links.

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